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Just Ok Gamers is a popular group of gamers that play League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, Mortal Combat, Killing Floor, and much more! Spawning from the clan Rangers, they've since grown in popularity largely thanks to one of the leaders (Gweedo) Youtube videos. Gweedo is author of Just Ok Guides, a series where he explains in a humorous fashion how to play a League Of Legends champion. They are rather tongue-in-cheek and often rotate around a recurring theme of past troubles in Gweedo's life. Just Ok Gamers also hosts a popular podcast called Just Ok Podcast. This podcast covers all sorts of content from League of Legends to current events, to general gaming in a very humorous manner. Going on for over 100 episodes it is one of the longest running League Of Legends podcasts out there. The hosts of the podcast: Gweedo, Wally, Nasty (N4sty), and Milpool are experienced gamers who have had decades of practice playing video games. They sometimes take guests on the podcasts to talk about current events and you'll never laugh more than when Gweedo's brother, Labeedo, comes to visit!

There are a number of ways to consume the Just Ok Gamers' content starting with their website There you can access every episode of the podcast and be alerted when new Just Ok Guides are released. There are also a number of other ways to stay in touch with the Just Ok Gamers such as:


Just Ok Gamers Reddit

Gweedo's Youtube Channel

Just Ok Gamers Youtube Channel

Just Ok Gamers Facebook Page

Just Ok Gamers Twitter

Gweedo's Twitter

Nasty's Twitter

Milpool's Twitter

Wally's Twitter

Just Ok Gamers Twitch Channel

Gweedo's Twitch Channel

Nasty's Twitch Channel

Wally's Twitch Channel

Discord server

Voice Mail Number: 615-763-5654

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